Far Infrared Heated Pad DC12V, 60x80cm
Far Infrared Heated Pad DC12V, 60x80cm
Far Infrared Heated Pad DC12V, 60x80cm
Far Infrared Heated Pad DC12V, 60x80cm

Far Infrared Heated Pad DC12V, 60x80cm


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Never feel cold again with the Thermrup Far Infrared heated underblanket on your lap, back, under your legs or anywhere else.

Perfect for cold days in autumn and winter - enjoy the warmth and say goodbye to the cold with the new heating pad from Thermrup, which can be heated up to a temperature of 55°C.


The Thermrip (FIR) heated underblanket In contrast to other heating pads, it does not use normal heating wires, but a specially made far infrared rubber heating element (45x70cm). The unique rubber heating element gives the body a deep heat function through the large heating surface. It improves blood circulation and helps muscles relax.


You can easily adjust the heating level to your desired heating level using the controller. You can choose from exactly five temperature levels L1 to L5 and the heating time from 1 to 9 hours.


Due to the low operating voltage, the THERMRUP heating pad is safer than conventional heating products because it is operated with DC 12V instead of the typical 220V. The special rubber heating element thus provides an evenly distributed heat function without a hot spot.


  • very strong and efficient heating power up to 50W
  • high security due to low operating voltage (DC12V)
  • 1 to 5 heating level and 1 to 9 hour time setting.
  • Large heating surface and even heat distribution
  • waterproof material, so washable by hand or machine up to 45°C
  • Power supply operated with cable or car socket connection


  • 1 x heated underblanket
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x temperature/time controller
  • 1x cable with car plug
  • 1 x instruction manual


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EU: EUR 9.50

Non-EU: EUR 15.00

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