Discover the benefits of our far infrared heat belt for back and stomach

1. Advantages over disposable heat belts

Disposable heat belts generate heat through a chemical reaction with oxygen. The disadvantage is that they are not environmentally friendly, the heat output cannot be regulated and there is a risk of burns. In contrast, our battery-operated heat belt offers a long heating time as well as an adjustable and strong heat output.

2. The special features and advantages of our Thermrup far infrared heat belt

THERMRUP uses a special far infrared technology to heat the belt. Instead of conventional heating wires, we use a rubber heating element that provides even and deep far infrared heat without overheating points. Our special rubber heating element has a generous heating surface of 30x10 cm and ensures even heat distribution.

Experience the soothing warmth of our far infrared heat belt and enjoy a targeted and effective heat treatment for your back and stomach.