Heated insoles

    Experience ultimate comfort in cold weather conditions with the Thermrup Far Infrared Electrically Heated Insoles. Our innovative insoles offer you the ideal solution to keep the soles of your feet warm and comfortable. The outstanding technology delivers large-area heat across the entire sole of the foot, taking advantage of the benefits of far infrared heat. Thanks to the battery-operated functionality, our insoles are extremely mobile and flexible to use.

    Discover the warmth with our heated insoles

    What are heated insoles?

    Heated insoles, also known as heating insoles or heated soles, are the specially designed insoles that offer a built-in heating function to warm your feet. Whether you are walking, hiking or just in everyday life, the warming insoles provide comfort and warmth whenever you need it.

    Advantages over disposable heated insoles

    There are disposable heat insoles with powder that generate heat through a chemical reaction with oxygen. The disadvantage is that they are not environmentally friendly, the heat output cannot be regulated and there is a risk of burns.

    Why don’t we build the battery directly into the sole?

    Insoles with an integrated battery under the heel are often at least 12mm thick and very stiff at the heel, making them uncomfortable and unsuitable for sports activities. In addition, they have a limited lifespan. That's why we use external batteries with a larger capacity (7.4V, 3000mAh), which can double the heating time.

    The special features and advantages of our Thermrup heated insoles

    Our Thermrup heated insoles use a unique rubber heating element that produces consistent and deep far infrared heat with no hot spots compared to heating wires or other heating elements. This rubber heating element is waterproof and extremely robust, making it ideal for use in heated insoles.

    Experience the difference and enjoy warm feet with our high-quality heated insoles!