Our technology

Patented Far Infrared Technology

THERMRUP uses patented far infrared technology with a self-developed rubber heating element. This ensures a large and efficient heat distribution. Our technology also brings health benefits and promises you excellent performance and an all-round feeling of well-being. But how exactly does this technology work and what makes our far infrared technology so special?

What are the benefits of far infrared heat?

You can't see the far infrared radiation, but you can feel it. In principle it is exactly the same as the everyday sun rays that affect people and warm us up. The crucial thing about far infrared radiation is that it corresponds to the same thermal radiation as humans. The wave frequency for both ranges from 7-15 µm. This makes it possible for the far infrared rays to penetrate deep through the skin and thus heat components of our body, such as skin, blood, lymphatic vessels and muscles. With the help of the resonant absorption of the far infrared rays that pass through the cells in the body, vibration and rotation effects are created on a molecular level. As a result, on a physiological level these have an expansion of the capillaries and an improved.


What makes FIR thermal radiation so special?

Far-infrared rays have strong penetrating and radiant power, as well as significant temperature and resonance effects. They are easily absorbed by objects and converted into the internal energy of objects. After the far infrared ray is absorbed by the human body, it can resonate the water molecules in the body, activate the water molecules, and increase the binding force between the molecules, thereby activating the biological macromolecules such as proteins, and keeping the biological cells at the highest vibration level . Due to the resonance effect of biological cells, the far-infrared heat energy can be transmitted to the deeper part of the human body, and the heat generated is emitted from the inside to the outside [3]. This intensity of action expands capillaries, promotes blood circulation, strengthens metabolism between tissues, increases tissue regeneration, improves the body's immunity, regulates the abnormal state of mental excitement, and thus plays a role in medical care.

The special rubber heating element from THERMRUP

The rubber heating element enables the FIR radiation to be distributed evenly and over a large area. It has excellent weather resistance. Other normal organic rubber or other materials can easily oxidize and deteriorate with sunlight, but the rubber material does not.

The material can resist oxidation, acid rain and ultraviolet radiation. It does not alter its original properties and can be used for more than 10 years when exposed to the sun outdoors.

The unique structure of the silicone rubber heating elements does not generate any electromagnetic radiation during the heating process, making them particularly suitable for medical and healthcare applications.

In summary, the Thermrup rubber heating element conducts the FIR heat efficiently to the body, creating a warm & comfortable atmosphere for humans. Of course you can also wash products that are equipped with the rubber heating element, because the rubber heating element is waterproof and cannot be damaged.

Benefits for the human body

 Improves microcirculation through powerful rotational and oscillating effects at the molecular level

 Improves oxygen and nutrient transport

 Increase in the exchange of substances between blood and tissue

 Breakdown and elimination of toxins trapped in water molecule clusters

Stimulation of the lymphatic system and tissue detoxification

 Increased activity of leukocytes with increase in immune competence

 Promotes regeneration and healing

 Far infrared therapy sends positive signals to the body



In addition to the health benefits, our technology can also benefit your finances and the environment as well. Instead of turning up the heat and wasting a lot of energy, use products from our range that are equipped with our technology and heat them specifically where you feel cold and enjoy the comfort.