Thermrup Smart Heat Duo Privacy Policy

Thermrup Smart Heat Duo takes your privacy very seriously. All data generated by use will only be stored locally on the device, and no data will be uploaded (Thermrup Smart Heat Duo is a complete local stand-alone application, even without a remote server). And there is no user behavior or application usage statistics generated or uploaded.

 The three-party brands and logos mentioned in the content of this article or online storage services are quoted in text and have nothing to do with related brands and trademarks.

 What personal information we collect or access

 -After you download and install Thermrup Smart Heat Duo , Thermrup Smart Heat Duo will silently access the local purchase receipt file of your App during use to verify the legality of the purchase with the Apple server to avoid the proliferation of pirated software. The operations involved in the entire process are strictly implemented using the interface provided by the system, which maximizes the security and privacy of receipt verification.

 -Thermrup Smart Heat Duo will not perform online statistics or upload any data. You can view, delete or export them anytime and anywhere. You have sole and complete control over all data.

 -When you perform the operation of saving data to the album, the app will ask you for the album access permission.

 We may update the privacy policy at any time. If there are major changes to the privacy policy, we will notify the updated privacy policy in the App.